Immigration & Naturalization

Family relationships are important to everyone, and immigrants are no exception.

At the Nashua law firm of Wolfson & Bernazzani, PLLC, we understand this firsthand. Attorney Xiorli Bernazzani is an immigrant, having moved from Venezuela to the United States with her mother at age 10. One of her main motivations to become a lawyer was to assist immigrant families with visa and immigration issues and help them stay together.

Today, our law firm helps students, working immigrants and prospective immigrants acquire the necessary visas to stay in the country and to become naturalized citizens.

If you, or someone important to you, are seeking to come to the United States temporarily or permanently, we can help you complete the necessary documentation and other visa or citizenship application requirements. We also focus on helping clients who are already in the United States on a temporary visa and trying to establish permanent residency or citizenship.

We Bring Immigrant Families Together

We help clients across New Hampshire with these and other immigration matters:

  • B-1/B-2 visitor visas
  • F-1 student visas
  • J-1 exchange visas
  • K-1 fiance visas
  • K-3 marriage visas for nonimmigrants
  • IR1 or CR1 marriage visas for spouses of U.S. citizens
  • V-1/V-2 visas for spouses and children of permanent residents (green card holders)
  • Applications for permanent residency
  • Citizenship through the naturalization process
  • Family-sponsored immigration petitions

We pride ourselves on doing careful work when preparing visa and citizenship applications for our clients, so they have the best possible chance of being accepted.

If your visa application has been denied previously, we can make sure all of the necessary information and/or supporting documents are submitted to the appropriate U.S. embassy or consulate.

We Understand, We Can Help. Call Us Today.

Wolfson & Bernazzani, PLLC, understands immigration laws as well as the personal and bureaucratic challenges immigrant families face in bringing loved ones to the United States. Whether your intent is to get permission for yourself or a foreign-born relative or spouse to live here temporarily or permanently, our attorneys can help you.

For more information and a free consultation with a lawyer, contact us online or by calling our Nashua office at 866-211-5601.

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