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If you are working through a late-life divorce, it is important to protect your interests while working toward a cost-effective and efficient outcome.

We at Wolfson & Bernazzani, PLLC, in Nashua, New Hampshire, have a comprehensive knowledge of divorce and will bring our years of experience to help you address:

Attorneys Helping You Solve All Of The Complex Issues

People of all age groups and walks of life can grow apart, even after years or decades of a relationship. "Gray" or "late-life" divorces are actually quite common, but often present more complex issues than those of divorces of younger couples.

For one, couples who have been in a relationship for a long period of time have more fused assets. Because of this, the division and valuation of marital versus nonmarital property can become more complicated. Bank accounts, collectibles and cars might be easier to divide, but certain pensions, stock options and real estate can be significantly more complicated. The recent turmoil in the housing market has further exacerbated these complications.

Because they occur later in life, these divorces can also have a significant bearing on retirement plans. And then there are estate planning issues that couples need to address.

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