Is A Prenuptial Agreement Right For You?

In marriages where a couple is entering a marriage with substantial funds or assets or relatives from a previous marriage(s), a prenuptial agreement can be a great way to define the financial terms of the marriage.

With years of combined experience, we at Wolfson & Bernazzani, PLLC, are prepared to help you address any prenuptial agreement issue. Located in Nashua, New Hampshire, our attorneys can help you determine if a prenup is right for you and your spouse. We can help negotiate, draft and review any agreement before you sign it to ensure it protects your interests.

Do Not Try To Craft A Prenup Alone

Although some have reservations or concerns about prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, they allow parties to customize and uniquely define their marriage according to their own ideas. This offers significantly more flexibility than rigid dictates of law.

Additionally, many couples believe that a prenup starts a marriage out from a position of mistrust, and that divorce will be inevitable. Instead, working with your soon-to-be spouse on a prenup can help you discuss financial issues honestly and openly. It can allow you to start your marriage out on the right foot.

While it is possible to file a prenuptial agreement on your own, one mistake can cause huge issues due to ambiguity or complications that are not defined in documentation. As such, it is important to reach out to counsel if you are considering using a prenuptial agreement.

We are able to help you document issues of premarital and post-marital assets and explicitly document all issues in the agreement. After we draft documentation that is tailored to your unique circumstances, we can reach out to a court reporter to get the agreement into a court report. We can also retain and document any additional needed testimony.

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