Domestic Violence/Restraining Orders

The specter of domestic abuse looms in many New Hampshire families. Whether this abuse is physical, emotional or financial, it can cause its victims deep wounds and scars that last a lifetime.

If you, or a member of your family, are being subjected to abuse by a spouse, domestic partner or significant other, it is important that you do what is possible to protect yourself and those you love.

We Can Help You Get A Restraining Order

At Wolfson & Bernazzani, PLLC, in Nashua, we provide legal help to clients who are negatively affected by violence — or threats of violence — in their lives. One way we do this is by seeking restraining orders on their behalf.

Restraining orders can prohibit abusers from contacting their victims in various ways, either temporarily or over a long term. Although a restraining order is not a guarantee of safety, it places an important legal hurdle in the abuser's path, which he or she ignores at risk of arrest and penalties.

A restraining order, also known as an order for protection, can prevent an abuser from contacting a victim by:

  • Telephone, e-mail, texting, written message or other means
  • Entering or waiting outside the victim's home of residence (even if the abuser also lives there)
  • Entering the victim's workplace or school
  • Making threats or following the victim during his or her daily activities
  • Using the victim's bank accounts or selling the victim's property

Is It Difficult To Obtain A Restraining Order?

It can be. Due to the prevalence of false abuse claims, New Hampshire judges have been increasingly cautious in granting requests for restraining orders, particularly for permanent restraining orders. While the paperwork for requesting a restraining order may seem simple on its face, costly mistakes are easily made. Our attorneys can greatly improve your chances for having your request awarded by ensuring all paperwork is completed properly and that you are represented effectively at your court hearing.

Can I Defend Myself Against A False Accusation?

The answer depends on factors including the merit of the accusation and your ability to argue your position effectively. We can say that your chances are better if you retain our attorneys to represent you. Our lawyers defend clients who are falsely accused of spousal abuse, child abuse or abuse of significant others. We can also seek to have falsely obtained restraining orders overturned.

For further information about restraining orders and other domestic violence issues in New Hampshire, please read our Frequently Asked Questions page.

You Are Not Alone. Contact Our Lawyers For Help.

We help clients to distance themselves from former loved ones through divorce, legal separation, dissolution of civil unions and other means. As parents, we understand that to make a good decision for oneself and one's family, an individual must have the luxury of mental and emotional clarity, which is impossible to receive while under threat of violence.

To these ends, we counsel our clients by explaining their legal options and guide them through the difficult decision-making process. For more information about our legal services, contact our Nashua domestic violence lawyers online or by calling our Nashua office at 866-211-5601.

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