Using Collaborative Law For Your Divorce

Family law situations are unquestionably difficult. When children or significant assets are involved, the situation is compounded. Litigation can make things even more difficult emotionally as well as financially.

Because of this, more and more families in Nashua and throughout New Hampshire look toward collaborative law options that can then transition in a way that preserves emotional and financial well-being as much as possible.

What Is A Collaborative Divorce?

In collaborative law, people are able to enter a pact between themselves and their attorneys, often with the aid of a divorce coach and a financial neutral. After signing a petition agreement, they work through issues in a collaborative way.

This means of addressing family law issues is often perfect for issues with significant assets or funds.

If you are considering taking advantage of collaborative law solutions for your family law issue, we are prepared to put more than half a century of combined experience to work to help you reach a best possible outcome.

Collaborative law solutions are a significant part of our practice at Wolfson & Bernazzani, PLLC.

Xiorli is certified in collaborative law by the Collaborative Law Alliance of New Hampshire and has served as court-appointed guardian ad litem representing the interests of children and vulnerable adults in court.

We are prepared to help you customize a collaborative divorce situation that suits your unique circumstances and loved ones.

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