Guidance Through Probate In Nashua And Beyond

In the event of death without a trust, courts in New Hampshire will oversee the administration of an estate in the probate process. In addition to transfer of assets, this can include paying beneficiaries and creditors.

If a will exists, it has to be proved valid and a personal representative can oversee the remainder of the affairs. This includes heir notification tracing/finding assets, submitting an inventory list, paying debt, submitting accounting and, finally, distributing the estate.

Providing Guidance During A Difficult Time

This process can be challenging for those who have never undertaken it and involves laws and deadlines. If you or your loved ones are faced with probate challenges or seek to avoid probate through estate planning, get in touch with our attorneys as soon as possible.

Our Nashua attorneys are prepared to bring more than half a century of experience to help you protect your financial interests if you are working through any estate issue. By working directly with clients, we have helped hundreds of people work through the probate process in the most efficient and effective ways that preserve a family and decedent's wishes as much as possible.

We are ready to do the same for you and yours. Get in touch today.

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